Posted on Jun 22, 2020

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It's easy to feel that personal privacy is a dead issue. Once you go online, your every action is
exposed, either through data lost in a breach or misuse by advertisers and online merchants.
But don't give up hope. You don't have to go totally off-grid to retain or regain control of your
privacy. Smart people around the world have come up with a variety of programs to attack the
problem from different directions—embracing apps that range from VPNs to email providers that
don't spy on you or share your data. You may have to lay out a little cash, but the alternative is
using free services that pay themselves by monetizing your private data.
Like the internet itself, email was invented by optimists and academics who never dreamed that
anyone would misuse it. Read someone else's mail? How rude! Fill up inboxes with unwanted
junk mail? They had no idea what was coming.
One type of privacy app aims to protect the content of your email conversations from snooping
and tampering. Private-Mail, ProtonMail, and StartMail let you lock down your communications
using a technique called public-key cryptography. They use a protocol called PGP (Pretty Good
Privacy) to generate a pair of keys, one public, one private. To send me a secure message, you
encrypt it with my public key, and I decrypt it with my private key. Simple!
This same technology also lets me send you a message that's digitally signed, guaranteeing it
came from me, with no tampering. I simply encrypt the messa
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